Data Management

In order to make the right decisions for the business, teams need to rely on their data to be complete, accurate, and meaningful. Very often, this is not the case as systems used for years have had different users or processes creating data without the appropriate controls. Data analysis requires data to be structured in certain ways, to meet some quality criteria and to be stored in specific formats.

We work with our clients to define what their data needs are, to identify the flaws in their data storage and to prepare automated procedures to flag issues and to quickly fix with minimal manual editing.

Having data governance rules in place and the methods to enforce them is essential to ensure systems and their data stay “clean” and useful to meet the business needs. We can help in defining these rules and in implementing the right methods to enforce the rules within the business.

Data migrations can be automated and ‘type-free’ if the right technology and methods are used. We have the experience and knowledge to automate this process to the greatest extent possible so that “volume” is no longer the main variable in the equation.