Solution Architecture

Our experience has shown that technology in many organisations can have a natural tendency to be conceived and delivered in silo without consideration of the wider structure of the business and the impact on its technology landscape. This leads to frustration for the business teams and other parties involved who have to manage and use a technology platform with a lack of cohesion between its constituent parts, in addition to unnecessary overheads, lack of control and duplication of tasks and of data.

Our Solution Architecture practice delivers this missing design element which is the architecture for the systems and technologies adopted by our clients to support the business. This encompasses the entire system, its specific parts and a design enabling them to complement each other, as well as potential recommnedations on components to be added the technology landscape. We work with our clients to understand the business requirements that are not fully supported by the technology available to the client and will guide them through drafting a solution that, as well as bringing added value to the operation, is feasible, cost effective and scalable. With our methodology and supporting documentation we enable the client to better understand and resolve process gaps or inefficiencies and achieve a more controlled, cohesive and effective solution.