Integrations & Reporting

  • Business and technical stakeholder engagement on local and cross-border reporting and integrations
  • Design and development of scripted, YSR and yExport reports from Voyager to support client reporting and feeds for data warehouses, BI and MI tools
  • External platform integrations with Voyager via custom import and export design and automated file transfer

5th Street brings together years of experience of our consultants in reporting and integration projects across the world. We recognise the importance of the overall ecosystem of reports and integrations; the more complex reporting suites we have worked on require data from several systems with multi-directional interfaces in order to communicate with each other and share data. We can help our clients in identifying those data elements required for the business reports, support them in setting up those interfaces between systems that will make the reports possible, and finally to specify and develop those end-user reports that will be available on a daily basis for our client’s decision-making teams.

We have extensive experience in helping our clients with reporting issues that vary from specialised local reports to complex, global aggregated reporting.